Examination dates telc Deutsch B1 · B2

telc German B1 · B2 Pflege exam dates

As a licensed telc partner, PET-Sprachen offers the telc Deutsch B1 · B2 Pflege exam at our premises near Munich’s Isartor.

Examination section Duration
Listening25 minutes
Reading/language modules60 minutes
Writing30 minutes
Speaking approx.16 minutes, 20 minutes preparation time


Costs for the telc Deutsch B1 · B2 Pflege exam

The examination fee for telc Deutsch B1 B2 Pflege is € 189.00 *

* PET is exempt from VAT in accordance with § 4 No. 21 a) bb). There is no additional VAT.

Upcoming dates:

03 March 2023  

Exam time: 11:15 – 17:00
Location: PET-Sprachen
Baaderstr. 3, 80469 München