Compact and effective

Group and individual courses

Group or one-to-one training? Let us consult you as to which options and formats best suit you or your employees, according to the training budget.

PET-Sprachen Englisch Gruppenkurse

Group training

In-house group courses

Group courses are the ideal solution for training multiple employees from the same department.
Our trainers focus on the job-specific issues relevant to the group, integrating tasks and materials from the participants’ workplace.

Cross-departmental group courses

Cross-departmental group courses also offer many advantages. This interdisciplinary approach allows participants to benefit from the knowledge of colleagues and in this way expand their expertise and abilities. This also creates valuable synergies.

Our assessment procedures ensure that only homogenous groups with similar levels and aims are formed.

Choose from:

  • Weekly to tri-weekly sessions, or as an intensive course (up to 40 units per week)
  • Modules of 30 to 80 units
  • Modern course books selected specifically for the group, as well as PET training materials developed in-house
  • Groups of 2 to 8 people (larger groups by arrangement)
PET-Sprachen Englisch Einzeltraining


Our one-to-one training sessions provide you with maximum flexibility when it comes to course times, intensity and goals. Either as face-to-face training, online, or a combination.
Our experienced one-to-one specialists are sensitive to your needs and preferred learning style, and use their extensive business and intercultural experience to ensure you make excellent progress.

Fast and intensive

Our compact one-to-one courses consisting of up to 40 units per week are ideal for making fast progress while focusing on a specific goal
such as preparing a presentation or upcoming project.