PET-Sprachen Englisch für Kinder und Jugendliche
Individual and fun

English for schoolchildren and young learners

English is the key to the world. But the approach when teaching it to children and young persons needs to be adapted to their learning aptitudes. Our approaches range from the playful and conversational to the highly structured, necessary for exam preparation.

Experienced native speakers

The PET team offers children and young learners a variety of flexible and individual one-to-one courses with experienced and sensitive trainers. They know the needs of schoolchildren and adolescents very well, and put together programmes that are tailored to precise needs.

  • Conversation and fluency work with a native speaker
  • Support with schoolwork and projects
  • Preparation for English tests and examinations

Preparation courses for a school year in England

Spending a half or whole year at a school in England makes a huge and positive impression on a young person’s early life, benefitting their intercultural skills, self-reliance and self-confidence. The best time for a semester or school year abroad is at the end of the Middle or beginning of the Upper School: at this age, young people generally have the required independence, and can return to Germany with sufficient time to prepare their end-of-school exams.

Lingusitic confidence means self-confidence
PET’s preparation courses for the year in England are an ideal supplement, making it easier to settle into the new environment. Our native speaker teachers provide support with language skills, but also tips on intercultural topics, local traditions, the English school system and the admission interview.

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Looking for a suitable school in England?

When selecting a school in England, we highly recommend our long-standing cooperation partner Stanford & Ackel – Educational Consultants, the experts in this field.