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For a better awareness and understanding

Intercultural awareness training

Internationally active employees need a flexible and creative approach to cultural diversity. Developing intercultural awareness involves emotional intelligence, as well as a reflection on values and norms. If cultural divides are to be bridged, we need to reach consensus on different behaviours and ways of thinking.

PET offers one- and two-day seminars to improve intercultural competence, either by focussing on specific cultures and countries, or looking at intercultural competence and awareness in general.

Our intercultural seminars are flexibly tailored to the specific requirements and situation of your company, and can be carried out in English or German.

Customer projects


The following are concrete examples of intercultural training that PET has recently designed and delivered for clients:

The CEO of a logistics company regularly deals with Turkish suppliers. He often felt misunderstood and had the feeling that the Turkish way of doing business was completely different from the German one. After only five one-to-one seminar sessions with an expert on Turkey, he was able to improve his awareness and understanding of Turkish business practices and achieve increasingly reliable results.

After a merger between a French and a German commercial vehicle company, frustration and lack of understanding developed on the part of the German managers. PET was commissioned to design and conduct intercultural awareness seminars to improve the understanding of French thinking and business practices. Due to the great success of these seminars, PET was commissioned to conduct similar sessions for the French colleagues.

After being bought up by an Indian pharmaceutical company, problems and misunderstandings arose between the German employees and their new Indian colleagues.  PET designed a series of workshops and seminars for the German manager teams, to help them better understand the different working practices. This led to much less friction, and to smoother communicaton.