PET-Sprachen Englisch für Ministerien und Institutionen
Professional English Training

English: Ministries and public institutions

Government ministries and public institutions which operate internationally often require a highly specialized and specific English.
PET-Sprachen tailors its courses to your needs.

We can prepare you for international meetings and presentations, e.g. in the areas of tax, finance, environment, town planning and many more.

Years of public sector experience

Our clients include public authorities, ministries and institutions, such as the City of Munich, the Bavarian State Chancellery, the Bavarian Ministry of Finance, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and the renowned Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

Examples of our cooperations


“The way in which you have supported me with developing my language skills has been very effective and tailored to my individual needs. I’d especially like to thank you for the flexibility and personal engagement you’ve shown by incorporating the specialized topics related to my profession.”
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk, City councillor, Director for Urban Planning, Munich City Council