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Intercultural Competence: India Online Seminar

India’s economic importance is growing rapidly; Indian business culture is highly complex (on a league table of 50 major economic countries, India ranked 49th on the Business Culture Complexity Index ™). The aim of this one-day online seminar is to break down this complexity und provide a better understanding and awareness of Indian business culture.

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Details for the online seminar: Intercultural Competence: India

This full-day, small group seminar is led by an intercultural expert from Calcutta. Ushashi Chowdhury will provide valuable insights into the differences between German and Indian business culture, with practical tips on how to avoid misunderstanding and conflict. The seminar uses case studies, presentations, roleplays, audio and video clips, and focuses on areas such as:

These topics are dealt with in the online seminar:

  • Hierarchy
  • Leadership style
  • Communication style
  • Business culture and etiquette
  • Relationships
  • Attitude to time
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Language elements, including vocabulary anomalies and body language
  • General background on India, its people, religions

Dates & Availability
Intercultural Competence: India

Maximum 6 participants

09:00 – 16:00 Uhr

  Places available


Ushashi Chowdhury

Ushashi Chowdhury, Interkulturelles Training Indien, PET

Costs & Registration

€ 290,00

(plus VAT per participant)

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