About PET-Sprachen

Passion for our profession – promoting better understanding. That’s what we’re about.

Better international communication

In an increasingly networked world, language skills are becoming more and more important.
PET promotes efficient and effective communication in other languages and with other cultures.

Paul Bacon, Geschäftsführer und Gründer von PET-Sprachen, München

Paul Bacon, founder of PET-Sprachen

Mission statement

“As a value-oriented company, we strive for long-lasting relationships with our customers and employees, based on trust and integrity. There is perhaps no better way to illustrate this than the fact that our very first customer when we started in 1992 is still with us today.

For us, the work of a good service provider begins with the question: What are the customer’s needs? We ask the right questions, and listen carefully. Only by understanding our customers’ needs can we offer the right solutions and exceed their expectations.”

Main topics

Working with PET

Our clients need your talent. Become part of our team.


Common aims – satisfied customers – long-term partnerships.

The PET -Team

Our employees: qualified – experienced – committed.