PET-Sprachen Englisch in London, Canning

Canning-Training, London

Full immersion

Intensive courses in England

Experiencing a foreign language with all your senses is best achieved in the country itself. The intensive courses at our partner schools will enable you to progress quickly and efficiently. PET will manage the registration and take care of all the details.

PET’s offer

  • A combination of group and individual lessons with job-relevant topics for maximum return on investment
  • Accommodation in a host family to give you a more intensive and authentic experience
  • Additional leisure activities such as excursions, sports combinations, sightseeing and cultural offers make the experience even more enjoyable.

Example: Business English in England

Planning to improve your Business English in the country it derives from? We highly recommend our partner schools in London (Canning) and in the county of Devon (Accent International), both with exclusive, high-quality intensive courses for professionals and executives.

Alternative: PET-Sprachen in Germany

For a less time and cost intensive option, PET will gladly organise full immersion courses at your company, or at PET’s location in Munich.

PET-Sprachen Accent International

Accent International, Devon