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“The presentations seminar for our subsidiary in Zürich was perfect tailored to our employees’ needs and exceeded our expectations.

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Presentations & negotiations

Presentations & negotiations


Giving good, credible and self-assured presentations is an essential skill, both for business and for personal development.

PET presentation seminars are aimed at anyone who has to give presentations and convince others in English, no matter how large the audience may be.

At PET presentation seminars, the participants learn to:

  • Prepare presentations in a structured and process-driven way
  • Make a solid first impression and impact
  • Use voice, body language and gestures effectively
  • Inspire and entertain
  • Analyse the audience and tune the presentation to suit expectations and interests



Skilled negotiations are an art which require diplomacy, the ability to listen and the willingness to compromise without losing sight of your own aims.
Negotiating skills can be trained, particularly if you have to negotiate in a foreign language.


At PET's English negotiation seminars, participants learn to:

  • Prepare negotiations effectively
  • Recognise various negotiating styles
  • Develop negotiating tactics for various situations
  • Improve their listening and summarizing skills
  • Focus on interests and needs, not on positions
  • Bring negotiations to an efficient close

Topics covered:

  • Win-win method of principled negotiation
  • The importance of leverage
  • The seven critical elements of a successful negotiation
  • Intercultural negotiations