Communication B2 + advanced workshops

“Communication for nurses and careworkers” are special compact courses or workshops offered by PET Sprachen. Book a B2 + advanced workshop with PET-Sprachen now.

Your individual needs and requirements can be taken into account both in terms of the scheduling and workshop contents.

Nurses and careworkers who can benefit from these communication workshops usually already have a B2 certificate or corresponding level and would also like to communicate more confidently and confidently in their everyday work.

Kommunikation in der Pflege -Aufbauworkshop

Communication Workshops

B2 + advanced workshop – compact course “Communication for nurses and careworkers”

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday working life, it is important that the communication between doctors and nursing staff is clear and unambiguous. The exchange of information about medications, well-being of patients, necessary treatments and much more takes place not only in the written documentation, but often also verbally. It is therefore important that this information can be correctly transmitted, understood and, if necessary, correctly passed on.

These workshops serve to improve communication between colleagues, patients, residents and relatives. The participants simulate realistic, job-typical situations and practice exchanges via role plays and 1-to-1 dialogues.

Course details

The following course contents for better communication in nursing are possible:

  • Telephone calls
  • Team meetings
  • Communication with patients and relatives (showing interest, politeness, useful phrases)
  • Communication with colleagues, superiors and other professional groups (understand, initiate or pass on work instructions, ask questions as necessary and respond appropriately)
  • Department and ward typical work situations
  • Specialized terminology from everyday nursing / medical field (body and clinical pictures, aids, forms of treatment, examinations and diagnosis)
  • Integration of authentic materials from the workplace
  • Learning strategies: ask politely and firmly, allow yourself to be corrected in a targeted manner
  • Tips for integrating more German into everyday life
  • Care documentation: useful formulations, tips and tricks for a better, clearer writing style

We adapt to your time requirements. Here are a few options:

3 to 4 half-day workshops of 4 hours each
Day-long workshops from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., also possible on Saturday
Extensive appointments of 90 minutes over e.g. 15 weeks

We are exempt from VAT.

One to one courses - German for nurses and care workers

Our one-to-one training option will enable you to achieve your learning goals in targeted and highly efficient courses.