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“We have worked closely together with PET since 2010. One major focus is on preparing individuals and small groups of nurses for the “B2 German for Nurses” examination, which is recognized by the Bavarian government.”

PET in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

German for nurses and care workers

Are you working in nursing or elderly care and need to improve your German?

Do you require an officially approved B2 German test in order to obtain recognition from the German authorities?

PET is at your service!

Over the past five years PET has become a specialist in this field, via successful co-operations with a number of clinics, hospitals and retirement homes.

We offer the following courses:

Course 1: Intensive German course for nurses and care workers A2 B2 leading to PET's own B2 exam

Deutsch für Pflegekräfte

Do you work in the nursing or elderly care industry, speak German at A2 level, and need to take an official B2 German language exam in order to get your occupational status recognised by the German authorities?

PET offers regular intensive group courses:

  • Groups of 6 to 12 participants
  • Intensive courses over a period of 4 months e.g. 2 days per week, 5 learning units of 45 mins per day

Course content:

  • Expand existing general German skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Specialist medical vocabulary
  • Communicating in retirement homes / hospitals: interacting with patients / residents, colleagues, superiors and family members
  • Documentation: Records, transferring and discharging patients, etc.
  • B2 exam preparation

The course culminates in our B2 Examination "German for Nurses and Care Workers".

PET’s examination is recognised by the Upper Bavarian government. Check our “Open Program” section for a list of upcoming exam dates and a registration form.

The exam consists of the following modules:

Exam moduleLengthContents
READING 75 minutes Selective reading / general reading / grammatical structures
LISTENING approx. 30 minutes Understanding a message left on an answering machine / Understanding arguments during a dialoge involving several people
WRITING 50 minutes Write an e-mail / about someone's background / an admission or accident report
SPEAKING approx. 15 minutes Brief presentation and interactive discussion

Successful candidates receive the following certificate:

deutsch-fuer-pflegekraefte photo deutsch-fuer-pflegekraefte zertifikat

PET "B2 German for Nurses and Care Workers"


Contact us to find out about upcoming courses and fees!

Deutsch für PflegekräfteCourse 2: B2+ advanced course

Are you a nurse or care worker who has already passed the B2 exam but would like to further improve your German for your job and career?

Our B2+ advanced course will consolidate your level and take it further:

  • Groups of 4 to 10 participants
  • Course times to suit work schedules

Course content:

  • Role-plays for oral communication: Useful phrases to build confidence when talking to colleagues, superiors and patients / residents
  • Practical exercises for care documentation: useful tips to develop a logical writing style that is easy to understand


Contact us to find out about upcoming courses and fees!

Course 3: One-to-one training

Are you a nurse or care worker who speaks German but want to confirm your current level?

We'll assess your level during a quick written and oral test conducted at the PET office.

We'll then advise you on your options:

Maybe we've got a group course that's just right for you. Perhaps one-to-one training might be the best option to help you quickly achieve your personal goals, e.g. exam preparation or certain language areas.

Benefits of one-to-one training:

  • You'll learn faster and more effectively
  • You can arrange courses to fit your schedule
  • You choose how many hours of tuition you nee