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“... it has been real a pleasure to work with the PET Sprachen team. They have shown a genuine interest in my progress and the personal service is something to be valued and enjoyed.”

Pete Baber
Programmes Director
Safran Aircelle

PET in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Paolo Gomes

A participant talks about his one-to-one German course.


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German for beginners

Deutsch für Anfänger

Mark Twain once said:
“German should be a dead language because only the dead have time to learn it!”

But history has proved him wrong. Germany has become Europe’s largest economy, making German a key language that is essential to anyone wanting to live and work here.

Thanks to our practical and hands-on approach, PET will help you to navigate your way through this challenging language in a fun and motivating way.

Our beginner courses focus on the following:

  • Real-life scenarios rather than too much theory
  • Variety of media - short films, games, songs, role-plays etc.
  • Practical exercises and activities to get you using the language from the start

Although we specialise in one-to-one training, we also offer courses for small groups, especially if organised as “closed" groups for people working at the same company, but also occasional "open" courses at our office in Munich.

Meet one of our former participants: The short video below in the right-hand column introduces you to our office and tells you how he experienced his one to one course with us.