Customer reference

“The seminar “Intercultural Comm­un­ication – Turkey“ greatly helped me to better understand our Turkish business partners in what for us is a very important market.

Dr. Daniel Böhmer,
CEO, FX Meiller

PET in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Intercultural communication

Intercultural communication

Working in an intercultural environment brings its own unique challenges. New rules can suddenly apply, which can lead to uncertainty and misunderstandings.

Having a deeper understanding of the culture, communication and behaviour in other countries can contribute greatly to improving relationships and operating successfully in an international environment.

"Intercultural communication" seminar

PET’s introductory seminar “Intercultural Communication” is offered as a one-day course with the aim of raising awareness of key intercultural issues and pitfalls.

In addition, we offer country-specific intercultural training, put together and carried out by specialists for the region in question.

Learn from our language and culture experts about how to do business…

  • in China
  • in Turkey
  • in the USA
  • in Arabian countries
  • in India
  • in Spain
  • in Russia
  • in Brazil
  • in Sweden
  • in South Africa

Our seminars flexibly cater to the specific requirements of your company and are generally held in English.