PET in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

English for nurses

English for nurses

Basic compact course for beginners

This course practises basic nursing vocabulary, grammar and includes simple roleplays.

  • Specific vocabulary: Patient rooms, equipment and instruments, body parts, bodily functions, medication
  • Everyday care worker situations: Introductions and greetings, patient medical records, describe symptoms & ailments, offer assistance, give instructions, role-plays with patients
  • Grammar: The main tenses (present & past), auxiliary verbs, etc.

Target group

Englisch für Pflegekräfte

Nurses with a rudimentary level of English (A1 to A2) looking to reach a higher level in order to work with foreign patients at hospitals and clinics.

Intermediate compact course

This course provides the skills needed to interact confidently with foreign patients and their families, giving them clear and concise information.

  • Specific vocabulary: Personnel, patients, rooms & areas, departments & wards, every part of the body, equipment used for treatment, bodily functions, medication, false friends that could lead to misunderstandings
  • Everyday care-worker situations: Introductions and greetings, small talk with patients, care anamnesis with short dialogues, describe symptoms & ailments, show understanding and calm patients down, describe and explain treatment methods, offer assistance, politeness and courtesy, give instructions, role-plays with patients, talk to family members
  • Grammar: All of the main tenses, auxiliary verbs, etc.

Target group

Nurses with intermediate English (B1) who deal with foreign patients and family members and looking to brush up and build on their English skills.