Customer reference

“The concept of offering department-specific English courses is especially useful for us. We also highly appreciate the Business English workshops such as “Emails & Telephoning” adapted to our company’s needs.”

Heidi Pongratz-Aschauer,
Leitung Personalentwicklung, FTI

PET in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Emails & telephoning in English

Emails & telephoning in English

Telephone and email remain the most important and most commonly used communication channels in the business world. 

Our “Emails & Telephoning” workshop is designed to help participants write emails and make phone calls with greater efficiency and confidence.


Focus points to choose from:

  • Write clear, easily-understood and effective emails
  • Identify and apply key aspects of a good email style
  • Apply useful phrases for emails and phone calls
  • Prepare for the potential pitfalls of conference calls

Our workshop is highly practical and applied

We analyse, correct and optimise emails or letters from the participants’ own workplace and practice concrete scenarios on the telephone via simulations.

Here are just a few examples of workshops which we have put together and carried out for our customers:

  • Emails & Telephoning for Clinical Research Assistants
  • Basic Telephoning skills for Customer Service staff
  • Telephone Conferences for Project Management teams
  • Telephoning for IT Administrators
  • Emails & Telephoning for Legal Secretaries
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